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Candy Austin Ceramics
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A little bit about me.


       I have been interested, if not infatuated, with ceramics since I was twelve years old. When I was 13 I had my first apprenticeship, and I have taken as many school courses and extracurricular classes in ceramics as possible, since middle school. During my high school years, I really started to focus on ceramics and to dream of making it my life.
       In 1999, I graduated high school and enrolled in the University of Oklahoma as an art student. Here I studied under V lou Olivera and Jane Aebersold for four years. I learned innumerable things about myself and my art in my four years at this institution.
Immediately after I graduated in June of 2003, I searched for studio space and a part time job. I met Collin Rosebrook (owner/director of Paseo Pottery, Oklahoma City, OK)earlier in May and soon became his apprentice. Through this position, I have access to a full pottery studio, unlimited clay, and glazes in exchange for my assistance. Some of my duties include helping load kilns (electric and gas), cleaning the studio, helping customers in the gallery, and assistant teaching adult ceramic classes. Throughout the year I have worked on building a strong portfolio, as well as increasing my contacts and teaching skills. I also teach children and teen classes at the Fire House Art Center in Norman, OK. I am responsible for teaching students, loading and firing electric kilns, and cleaning the classroom/studio.
      In spring of 2004 I was accepted to the University of Dallas masters program in ceramics. I am very excited about this opportunities, as it is the first step in fufilling my life's dream of becoming an art professor. School starts in September and I will keep you posted.

      -Wow what a couple of years it has been. School was, of course, insainly hard. However, I managed to earn my Masters of Art degree last fall (2005) and am now hard at work with my MFA. After earning my MA I got a job at a community college here in Dallas and had my first real teaching experience at the college level. It was an experience, to say the least and I learned a lot. I have also been applying to as many national art shows as I have been able to afford. As you can see on my resume, I have been relatively successful in getting into them. Selling work, on the other hand, has been as difficult as always. Will keep you posted...


Candace Austin


M.F.A. Candidate 2005-Present Ceramics Universtiy of Dallas
M.A. 2005 Ceramics University of Dallas
B.F.A. 2003 Ceramics University of Oklahoma (Academic Distinction)
Minor: Art History

Solo Exhibitions
2005 Relate, Master of Arts Thesis Exhibition, University of Dallas, TX

Group Exhibitions
2006 Southworks 2006, Oconee Cultural Arts Foundation, Watkinsville, GA
2006 26th Annual July National Exhibition, Franklin Square Gallery, Southport, NC
2006 Eleven, University of Dallas, Dallas, TX
2006 First Biennial Concordia Continental Ceramics Competition, Concordia University, St. Paul, MN
2005 The Art of Flowers, Thompson's Fine Art, Dallas, TX
2005 Developments, Stephen F. Austin State University, Nacogdoches, TX
2005 Advanced Drawing Exhibition, University of Dallas, Dallas, TX
2004 Paseo Festival, Oklahoma City, OK
2003 Arts and Scraps’ "Red Show," Norman, OK
2003 University of Oklahoma 86th Annual Student Art Exhibition, Norman, OK
2002 University of Oklahoma 87th Annual Student Art Exhibition, Norman, OK
2002 Senior Capstone Exhibition, University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK
2001 University of Oklahoma 88th Annual Student Art Exhibition, Norman, OK
2000 University of Oklahoma 89th Annual Student Art Exhibition, Norman, OK

Exhibition Curator
2005 Developments, Stephen F. Austin State University, Nacogdoches, TX
2005 Concentrations 2005, University of Dallas, Dallas, TX

University of Oklahoma Permanent Print Collection, Norman, OK

Employment Experience
Adjunct Professor at Cedar Valley College
-Three Dimensional Design: create syllabus, create assignments, lecture with power point presentations, teach students multiple techniques and mediums, lead critiques of student work January 2006-present

Graduate Assistant at the University of Dallas
-assist teaching university classes, assist Professor, assist undergraduate students
August 2004-May 2005

Apprentice to Collin Rosebrook (owner/director of Paseo Pottery, Oklahoma City, OK)
-Responsible for teaching adult clay classes, cleaning studio, firing electric and gas kilns, helping customers in gallery, and assisting artists
May 2003-August 2004

Ceramics Teacher at the Fire House Arts Center, Norman, OK
-Responsible for teaching ceramics students, loading and firing electric kilns, cleanup of classroom
October 2003-March 2004
Full Tuition Scholarship, University of Dallas
Ponca City Art Association Scholarship Award, 1999
University of Oklahoma Award of Excellence Scholarship
Conoco Leadership Scholarship

Gallery Representation
Paseo Pottery, Oklahoma City, OK

Candy Austin Ceramics